6th Anniversary Cover Makeover – new look to a Tudor novel

1st May 2015
This week saw the 6th anniversary of publication of my Tudor novel 'Virgin and the Crab' - and what better way to celebrate than with a makeover for the cover?
double image of two book covers, before and after re-design of a novel, with Elizabeth Tudor featured
Before and after.
As you can see, essentially, this meant saying farewell to my prickly crab/moon picture and replacing it with a fetching portrait of a young Elizabeth Tudor - as she might have appeared at the ages in the story (in which she goes from her teens to early twenties). I increased the width of the arch, also, so that the portrait could be of a reasonable size.

The background purple-blue colour remains, as you can see - as does the colour of the lettering. The subtle Tudor-rose motif on the margins is also unchanged. So overall a good compromise between the old and the new.

The video trailer required a slight alteration to accommodate the new design. Here it is ...
Trailer 'Virgin and the Crab.'
Hope you like it. If you have not yet read the book itself but are curious, you can find more details HERE. 

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