Book Cover Update - the Gothic thriller 'The Hours Before'

9th April 2018
Just a quick post to record an update to the book cover of my Gothic novel ‘The Hours Before.’ During the Easter period my dedicated team of top designers got to work on a make-over for the front of the book. The end result, I must say, is rather splendid. Here is a comparison, before and after.
before-and-after designs for a book cover - 2 images side by side featuring elegant belle-epoque era woman in large hat, dark background

Book cover changes

It’s not always easy to let go of design elements from the past. An awful lot of time gets invested in this kind of thing. But I decided to remove the uprights from the window frame and bring the viewer through, much closer into the room itself. Closer to where the lady is standing.

The elaborate belle-epoque style hat has been reduced in size. And the pendant earring has been adjusted a little, bringing it forward and downwards. A more accurate position.

Finally, the sub-title ‘A Story of Mystery and Suspense from the Belle Epoque,’ has been lifted and brightened. And the author’s name has been given more clarity with a regular bold typeface, as well.

The passage of time

As the novel is concerned with the passage of time and the illusory boundaries between past, present and future (according to the best mystical traditions), the clock remains clearly visible on the wall behind. Viewed in reverse, as if in a mirror, it continues to mark the hours before a very important assignation. Contemplated still with a blend of both anticipation and trepidation by the lady herself.
(If you are not familiar with the novel, you can see a large-scale image of the book cover on my main website, along with lots of information concerning the story itself.)

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