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Cover Art - retro design for a modern Victorian novel ...

Retro look to a modern Victorian novel

Design ...

The cover art features a retro-look design with gold Victorian-style lettering on a dark  background. This is flanked by poppies in black silhouette. The poppy has long been  associated with sleep and forgetfulness. Suitable, therefore, for the mysterious, ghostly  quality of the story. The poppy symbolism is also reflective of the sinister 'time-slip' element  experienced by the author of the journal.

Also included in the texture of the background is a motif of antique, and slightly damaged  Chantilly lace. This refers to the heroine’s association with that region of France once famed  for its lace-making. The magnificent chateau of Chantilly, meanwhile, also forms the setting  for a good part of Sophie's life as Baronne de Feuchères.

A sinuous gold frame is mounted close to the margins adding to the luxurious feel. And the  author’s name is picked out in contrasting scarlet at the foot of the design.
retro-look book cover with black lace mofit and gold lettering