Photos, portraits and maps to accompany your reading of the novel THE TESTAMENT OF SOPHIE DAWES

Maps to accompany the novel...

This page contains a trio of handy maps to accompany the novel 'The Testament of Sophie Dawes.' Although the maps can be found in all versions of the book, they might not be all that easy to read on kindle or other e-readers. Feel free, therefore, to print them out for your own use.
The Duver ...

To begin with, here is the sketch of St Helens and the Duver mentioned at the start of the diary. If you are reading on Kindle, you might like to print this out.
map, black and white image
St Helens Duver and surrounds

Royal Residences ...

The following map shows the relative distances between the Queen’s residences of Osborne on the Isle of Wight and Balmoral in the Highlands of Scotland. Other locations mentioned in the journal are Buckingham Palace, which is in London, and Windsor (not shown), which is a little to the West of London.
map of the UK, black and white - simple
Map of the UK showing relative locations of Scotland's Balmoral to Isle of Wight and Osborne House

Isle of Wight ...

Finally, a map of the Island including those places mentioned in the journal. The Isle of Wight was very popular in Victorian and Edwardian times. This was, in part, due to the location of the Queen's home at Osborne. Also to the prestigious annual yachting regatta staged at nearby Cowes. The island was also a major center for the arts, for poets, painters and photographers. The Poet Laureate, Alfred Lord Tennyson lived there, as did the pioneering photographer Julia Margaret Cameron.
map of the Isle of Wight, England with major towns
The Isle of Wight, England, showing Osborne House to the north and the village of St.Helens to the west.