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Privacy and disclosures

Cookies and information.

This website does not handle e.commerce or sales of any kind and therefore does not collect personal information from those who use it. It does not collect comments, and therefore does not store the email addresses of visitors. It does not store information concerning your browsing activity, either, other than to monitor the website’s general performance through the gathering of statistics, which help us to present our material more effectively and to optimise the reading experience of those who visit.

This is achieved through what are called 'cookies' - small items of text that may be stored on your browser. These are in common with the vast majority of websites on today's internet and do not, in our case, record any information that can identify you as an individual. They can also be erased or turned off at anytime by modifying your browser privacy settings.

3rd party cookies.

When you visit a page on this site with content embedded from external sites such as Youtube or Amazon, your browser is usually presented with cookies from these websites. These will show up on your browser’s list of installed cookies, especially if you are already logged in to one or more of these sites. We are not responsible for these external sites or for their cookie policy. If you have concerns, it is suggested that you review the privacy policy of these vendors prior to logging in to them from this web site. The embedded content we use on Endymion comes from Youtube, Vimeo and Amazon.

Share Buttons

The share buttons that you find at the foot of the pages (which are common-place on blogging sites everywhere) are provided by the company 'AddToAny' and 'AddThis.' These buttons link to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+ and Pinterest and allow visitors to share the pages they find here directly with their followers or friends on those sites. There is also a Pinterest share button that appears on most images in case visitors wish to share items to their Pinterest boards. Again, we are not responsible for these sites or for the activities of those who use them. Similarly, we are not responsible for any content on other websites that might be copied or linked to from this website without permission.


This site and its associated blog, Endymion, are ad-free and do not have any annoying pop-up windows. The author is, however, a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means of earning small referral fees by linking to and


Blogging entails the use of images and video clips - and many of these are sourced from all over the web. Every care is taken to ensure these are free of copyright restrictions. If you feel any of these infringe upon your copyright, however, please let us know, and we will remove them (email: robertstephenparry at gmail dot com).

This privacy policy is subject to change without notice and by using this website, you hereby consent to this privacy policy and agree to its terms.
Copyright © 2018 Robert Stephen Parry. All rights reserved. 
Privacy and Disclosures
dark Gothic style landscape, man walking in storm, long coat, winter trees
dark Gothic style landscape, man walking in storm, long coat, winter trees
dark Gothic style landscape, man walking in storm, long coat, winter trees
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