dark Gothic style landscape, man walking in storm, long coat, winter trees
dark Gothic style landscape, man walking in storm, long coat, winter trees
dark Gothic style landscape, man walking in storm, long coat, winter trees
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Poetry Readings. Listen to 10 of the best classic English poems

An index to my favourite lines of verse on video (and why I like them)

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Elizabethan man looking out with background of theatre audience
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video image shows head and shoulders of young soldier glancing downward in thought
brunette victorian woman glancing outwards looking anxious and concerened
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small video image of bandstand at old Vauxhall Gardens in Regency times
19th century river Thames, view of opposite bank, rural scene, blue sky
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A great poem can say just as much in a few simple lines of rhyming verse as several volumes of wordy philosophy. My all-time favourites are presented here in video format - with each recital accompanied by its own dedicated page of ‘close reading.’ This includes a brief biography of the writer, a background summary to the poem, and a glimpse into themes and interpretation.
The Good-Morrow  John Donne (1633)
The Lady of Shalott  Alfred Tennyson (1842)
The Tyger - William Blake (1794)
To The Moon - Percy Bysshe Shelley (1824)
Composed Upon Westminster Bridge - Wordsworth (1807)
To a Lady seen for a few Moments at Vauxhall, John Keats (1818)
The Fly William Blake (1794)
Ode to a Nightingale - John Keats (1819)
Sonnet 29 -William Shakespeare (1609)
Remember - Christina Rossetti (1862)
Readings. What poem comes next?
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Latest additions:

Love’s Philosophy by Shelley

IF by Rudyard Kipling

Sonnet 18 by Shakepeare
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Woman Reading by Candlelight, Peter Ilsted
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