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“Captures and holds the imagination long after the book is finished … the reader is transported through time as if witnessing a theatrical masterpiece (which it is!)”
Claudia Robinson, Luxury Reading
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(Warning: contains spoilers)
The Tudor historical novel VIRGIN AND THE CRAB

Spectacular 16th-century drama & adventure

England 1550's

The brilliant young mathematician and astronomer John Dee has one overwhelming obsession: liberty.
Abandoned and in danger, Elizabeth Tudor has one simple aim: survival.
This is their story.

Against the background of the English Reformation, and threatened by a vengeful and unforgiving Queen, the mysterious brotherhood of the Rose Lodge attempts to guide the nation towards enlightenment and stability. Here, the special alchemy of the Virgin and the Crab works its magic: growing from childhood friendship, through adolescent flirtation, to mutual respect and admiration as together they prepare to sacrifice everything for the world they wish to inherit
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“The descriptions of Tudor England’s social life and customs are rich and well written. The story is excellent and a page turner. A book well worth reading.” Debra Spidal, Historical Novels Review Online
“One of the best Tudor novels I have ever read. Parry masterfully weaves fact and fiction, resulting in a completely original and authentic portrayal of the friendship and bond between Elizabeth Tudor and her illustrious mentor." Natalie Grueninger, On the Tudor Trail
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ISBN-10: 1499365047  Paperback: 492 pages en-gb
eBook available on Kindle, Nook and iTunes

Additional Information

“Parry has blended historical facts with fiction to produce an incredibly believable story. Is it unputdownable? - A resounding yes!”
Claire Ridgway, the Anne Boleyn Files
“Historically compelling and deliciously suspenseful!”
Michelle Miller, The True Book Addict
“A myriad of familiar characters fade in and out of the scenery … their characterizations are nothing short of masterful. A Reader’s Respite won’t hesitate to recommend this gem of a novel to you.”
Michele Jacobsen, A Reader’s Respite
“I absolutely adored this book.”
Amanda Teague, A Library of My Own.
“From the very first page to the last sentence I was held spellbound!"
Charla Wilson, Book Talk with Charla
●  Epic historical novel set amid the violent uncertainties of Tudor England after the reign of  King Henry VIII.

●  Biographical fiction featuring the characters of Princess Elizabeth Tudor and Queen Mary, Edward VI, Lady Jane Grey, Philip II, John Dee, William Cecil, Robert Dudley, Blanche Parry and Thomas Wyatt.

●  Themes of loyalty, romance, rebellion, Platonic love, political machinations and espionage.

●  Atmospheric backdrop, drama and adventure with authentic 16th-century period detail including the Tower of London and the palaces of Whitehall and Hampton Court during the 1500s.

●  Explores religious conflict at the time of the Tudors, including the Reformation, the reigns of the boy-king Edward, Jane Grey, Mary I and the evolution of science at the time of the English Renaissance.
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