About the author. Historical novelist Robert Stephen Parry

Writer of Tudor, Georgian and Victorian-themed novels.

Briefly ... I'm a UK writer of adult historical fiction, with interests in a wide range of periods, from Tudor & Elizabethan, through 18th-century Georgian, right up to the era of Victorian England and the Belle Époque.
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I believe historical fiction is a great way to discover the treasures of the past and explore all the different ways that people can be. Even better if the narrative is entertaining at the same time - well-researched historical settings in which comedic elements are never entirely consumed by misfortune.


Where to buy ...


For those who like to shop on Amazon, you can find all of my titles here, most available in paperback, kindle and hardcover - while for those who don't, you can find them as eBooks via Kobo or the Barnes & Noble Nook.


Bookshops and libraries will order them if you encourage them to search for the appropriate ISBN numbers (not always the same as those found on amazon). For Apple users, meanwhile, all titles are available directly from the Apple Store or can be read via the Amazon app.


Here is a link to my blog, Endymion with articles and observations on the arts, writing, gardening - or whatever else takes my fancy. It reached its ten-year mark in 2020, though current commitments mean that I haven't posted anything new there for quite some time.
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News and contact

I don't do mailshots or newsletters or anything like that, but the Updates page on this website has all the latest info regarding current and future writing projects. You can also follow me via my amazon author page or even Instagram. A year rarely goes by in which I do not post something there at least once or twice. As for Facebook and Twitter, I regret to say my presence there has long since succumbed to terminal neglect. For any trade enquiries, meanwhile, email srochscommunique at outlook dot com.

Finally, should this attempt at providing biographical information appear still to be incomplete, here is a handy guide to what’s in (and what’s not in) each of my novels.
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