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Latest blogpost on Endymion

February 2021. Non-fiction news. The release today (24th Feb) of THE MAGNIFICENT BRITISH GARDEN ROBIN.
Something I had a hand in, and hope might make you smile.
Plus an exclusive Q&A with the author on Endymion

SPECIAL OFFER. Kobo readers can pick up 'Elizabeth, the Virgin Queen and the Men who Loved her' at a special 40% discount off the regular list price. Offer runs from October 22nd to 28th 2020.

August 2nd, 2020 - Latest Blogpost - Exotic Companions

12-16th June 2020 - SALE NOW ENDED
KOBO Readers in the UK, Australia and New Zealand: you can pick up 'Queen Victoria and the Men who Loved Her' at a reduced price this weekend as part of the Queen's Birthday Celebration Event.

May 2020
Latest Blogpost at The Garden Gate
February 2020
Latest Blogpost - The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood Exhibition
January 27th 2020
Latest Blogpost. When Freddie met the Queen - a true story from the seashore in 1852.
January 2020
The fictional memoir 'Elizabeth - the Virgin Queen and the Men who Loved Her' has been expanded with two new chapters and a slight rearranging of content.
Bigger and better! You can find all the links on its dedicated page here.
November 2019
Queen Victoria and the Men who Loved Her now available on KOBO
And for iPads and iPhones via Apple Books
October 2019 new blogpost
The Pre-Raphaelite Legacy Exhibitions
September 2019. The Pied Piper of Hamelin (latest blogpost over on Endymon)
8th/Aug/2019 UPDATE. 'Elizabeth' is now available on Google Play.
24th May 2019
Celebration Day - the Bicentencary of the birth of Queen Victoria and the publication of my newest work of fiction 'Queen Victoria and the Men who Loved Her.'
You can find it on amazon UK and amazon US, and the paperback should be available any moment.
My special thanks to the wonderful team of Ruby, Kay and Jan for helping to polish the final draft. Your kindness and patience has been as invaluable as ever.
Great Balls of Fire! Latest blogpost appeared on 19th Feb.
29th January 2019
Latest blogpost over on Endymion - Victoria and Albert newly weds in portrait
11th December 2018
Latest blogpost over on Endymion - the golden age of book covers

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