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“Unique and sumptuous.”
Bridgett Trejo, author and Tudor blogger
Parry's ability to effortlessly cocoon fact within a story, within another story, while not compromising on the integrity of the work will not fail to impress.' Natalie Grueninger, author 'On the Tudor Trail'
“A great resource for those looking for a short but informative read with an unusual twist.”
Arleigh Johnson,
“If you’re new to the Elizabethan period, this book can be a great starting point for learning more about court life, and the central courtiers who surrounded the legendary Queen.”
from Today in Dead Royalty
“Concise, understandable without being simplistic and enormously entertaining.”
Kirsty Stonell Walker, author and biographer
“What I loved about the book was the air of mystery, combined with the light-hearted style. It really is a history book with a difference.”  Claire Ridgway, Tudor Book Reviews
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Additional Information ...

●  A fictional memoir blending fact and fantasy.

●  A country house setting is the backdrop for a conference and a series of short lectures on the life and relationships of Queen Elizabeth I of England.

●  A book featuring biographical sketches of the principal men in Elizabeth’s life, including Henry VIII, Thomas Seymour, Robert Dudley, John Dee, William Cecil, Walter Raleigh, Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex and others.

●  Brief, fictional ‘vignettes’ accompany the biographical chapters, in which the relationship or romance with each man is explored through an imagined scene or conflict.

●  Also includes brief chapters on sixteenth-century Elizabethan court life and Elizabeth’s professed virginity.
ISBN-10: 1499355599  Paperback: 132 pages en-gb
eBook available on Kindle, Nook and iTunes
OR if you're requesting a copy from your local library, ask for ISBN-13: 978-1500477172
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Elizabeth, men and courtiers
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Elizabeth, the Virgin Queen & the Men who Loved Her

Elizabeth I -  biographical sketches and a fictional memoir

The Elizabethan golden age was peopled by a court of flamboyant and devoted men - each one unique, ambitious and talented. At its centre was a woman, Elizabeth, the Tudor princess who succeeded to the throne of England in 1558 and who vowed to her Parliament to remain unwed and a Virgin Queen for the rest of her life.

How did such a diverse group of red-blooded men view their ‘Gloriana?’ What were their aims and intentions? What were their dreams? And just how did Elizabeth manage to control and manipulate them?
A unique blend of fact and fiction brings the Elizabethan court and its inhabitants to life in an evocative collection of biographical sketches that will inform and entertain in equal measure.
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Take a peep inside!

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