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Historical Fiction
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More to Explore

The links on this page will take you to additional material, including detailed reading notes on all of the novels, and (for those reading on kindle) printable copies of maps and reference material to accompany them.

●  Reading notes and insights for all novels
●  Goths and Toffs - a guide to some of my leading characters
A page of Discovery
●  Poetry Readings
●  Index of Video Trailers
●  Index of historical collages
●  Novel Illustrations

Some of my novels contain maps and reference material, and these can be located here in high resolution if you wish to print them out for your own use. It is not recommended that you try to view them on a mobile device.

●  Maps and Reference Material
●  Glossary of terms

And here are a few blogposts or articles I have written over the years that are relevant to the topic of historical fiction or to writing in general.

●  Modern Hist-fic out of time. Or is it?
●  Music, source of all gladness (and quite handy for research, too)
●  Historical Fiction anyone? Yes, but is it Art?
●  Book Covers

How to Help Out

And many more over at my Blog - 'Endymion'
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