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What are some good historical fiction reads?

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7 great ideas and book recommendations


Where to find a suspenseful and sophisticated story set in late Victorian times:


A Story of Mystery and Suspense from the Belle Epoque

A neo-Victorian psychological thriller.

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Looking for a good adult historical comedy with lots of romance and intrigue?


A Story Concerning Different Kinds of Love

An Epic Georgian-era Comedy set at the time of the 2nd Jacobite Rebellion.

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Tell me about a good Gothic novel set in Victorian times:


A Victorian Mystery

The Story of Anne Boleyn in a suspenseful Victorian Gothic setting.

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How to find out all about Elizabeth the Virgin Queen and her Courtiers:

ELIZABETH THE VIRGIN QUEEN - And the Men who Loved Her

Biographical Sketches from the Elizabethan Court

Easy reading with episodes from the extraordinary life of Britain's most-loved monarch.

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What's a good way to learn about Queen Victoria and her times?

QUEEN VICTORIA - And the Men who Loved Her

Recollections of a Journey

An unique blend of Fact and Fiction recounting episodes in the life of Victoria as princess and queen.

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Locate a dark, intriguing narrative in a neo-Victorian, Gothic setting:


The Queen of Chantilly and a Scandal at the Heart of Victorian Society

A chilling story - traditional British - told in the form of an intimate journal and letters.

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What is a good full-length Tudor adventure novel?


Sketches, Fables and Mysteries from the Early Life of John Dee and Elizabeth Tudor

12 Years, 2 Kings, 3 Queens - the ultimate Tudor novel. A full-length, epic adventure with authentic 16th-century atmosphere.

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