Queen Victoria and the Men who Loved Her

Recollections of a Journey

We are in England sometime during the early part of the 20th century. A chance encounter with a group of unusual and talented people on a train journey reveals an insight into the life and times of Queen Victoria, one of the world’s most influential and controversial monarchs.

From manipulated childhood, to passionate marriage, to unrelenting widowhood and ultimately independence, follow her story and discover the men in her life and what they meant to her. And she to them.

A remarkable journey through an era of breathtaking invention and social change, in which the life of Victoria as princess and queen is explored through a number of short biographical sketches and fictional vignettes. A place were history merges with fantasy; fact with fiction, and knowledge with adventure.
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Reading time:

approximately 7 hours.

Printed Edition:

200 pages en-gb.


ISBN 9781797616667
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Additional Information

  Humorous, informative and entertaining biographical fiction combining fact with fantasy.

●  A railway journey through Victorian England takes us into the intimate world of Queen Victoria and the lives of the men who loved and admired her.

●  Chapters on Victoria's men includes her beloved uncle Leopold; her husband Albert; her Scottish servant John Brown; Prime ministers Melbourne and Disraeli; the Munshi; Kaiser Wilhelm and Bertie the Prince of Wales.

●  Each chapter finishes with a short fictional 'vignette' making the book suitable for those who also enjoy reading short stories.

●  Additional chapters explore the neo-Gothic culture of Victoria's England and the Romantic impetus that shaped the fashions and social trends of the times.
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A special set of web pages to accompany the novel can be found here - featuring portraits of Victoria's men and other images related to the times.
Poet and Queen
When Queen Victoria met the poet Tennyson.
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Arthur Hughes. The 'quiet' Pre-Raphaelite
small sketch of young Victorian gentleman artist, long hair
When Alexander met the Queen. The ingenious Mr Bell.
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