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Historical Fiction
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Collages of History

Index of composite images from Tudor, Georgian and Victorian times

small image of Belle Epoque scenes collage
Scenes from the Belle Epoque
small image of Elizabethan people in collage, including queen
Elizabeth and the men who loved her
thumbnail linking to collage of Elizabethan England scenes and people
Tudor and Elizabethan England
linking image to collage of Georgian and Victorian England scenes and people
Georgian and Victorian England
group of Tudor men in discussion set in dark interior
Distinguished Tudors
collage in thumbnail image showing people and scenes relating to the novel Wildish
Wildish - fantasy illustrations, scenes and characters
thumbnail image of banner shows woman in large hat
Neo-Victorian novel The Hours Before
thumbnail to larger image of young Victorian woman reading
Quote from neo-Victorian novel The Arrow Chest
small image linking to a spash of phrases containing the word 'love'
Love quotes in WILDISH
small linking thumbnail shows Tudor kings and queens
Tudor kings and queens for Virgin and the Crab
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No Surrender
small image of Elizabeth 1st with typical red hair and white ruff
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