How to Help Out

Views, reviews and recommendations

If you have ever wanted to say a big ‘thank you’ to your favourite authors (or bloggers), or to give them a boost by helping others discover their work, please do so. Authors of all kinds thrive on recommendations, and even the smallest gesture can work wonders. Here are some ideas ...

●  Review or 'rate' the stories you have liked on places like Amazon or Goodreads. The best way to do this is probably to write up your review before hand, then 'copy and paste' once you are logged in. You can also always edit your review or even delete it altogether later on if you are not satisfied.

●  Give any book you've enjoyed a mention on Facebook or Twitter, along with a link to the author's website.

●  Become a follower of the author's Facebook Page by 'liking' it and sharing posts.

●  Pass your book along to a friend or colleague and tell others how much you enjoyed it. Word of mouth is still the best recommendation of all.

●  See if your local library would consider stocking it. Or recommend it to your local book club for reading.

●  If you come across a review online of a book you have enjoyed, add your own comments. And share.

●  And, of course, if you have an online blog or website of your own, why not ask the author for a guest post or an interview? Authors are often on the look-out for ideas on how to promote their work, including prizes and competitions.
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