Photos, portraits and maps to accompany your reading of the novel THE TESTAMENT OF SOPHIE DAWES

The English - Victorian royals, courtiers and visitors

A selection of images of those, mostly English, who appear in the novel The Testament of Sophie Dawes. Also some images of distinguished visitors and those associated with Osborne House and the royal court at various times. Featuring the royal family of Victoria, therefore, and her staff.
Royal Family ...
19th-century, oval-shaped portrait of Victorian princess, red roses in hair, in half-profile, the Princess Alice
Princess Alice by Franz Xaver Winterhalter, 1861
portrait of Queen Victoria, full front, black gown
Queen Victoria by J. Abercromby
old photo of the Prince Consort, hand-tinted
Albert, the Prince Consort, hand-tinted daguerreotype, 1848
photo of young Victorian man, half-profile - Bertie, prince of Wales
A young Albert, Edward (Bertie), Prince of Wales
portrait of young Victorian woman, Princess Helena
Victoria's daughter, Princess Helena (Lenchen) by Winterhalter
Queen Victoria's family tree depicted in miniature portraits
Family tree showing Queen Victoria's nine children
19th-century full-length portait of Victorian man, a formal portrait of Prince Albert
Prince Consort, Albert - by Winterhalter

Gentleman about court ...

Next: some important gentlemen about the English Court at various times: Sir Charles Grey, Karl Ruland and Sir Astley Cooper.
photo of victorian-era gentleman, seated, half-profile, the academic Karl Ruland
Photo of Karl Ruland
grand barouqe style staircase, circular
Sketch of General Sir Charles Grey
drawing portrait of Victorian gentleman seated, Sir Astley Cooper
Sir Astley Cooper, Sergeant Surgeon to Queen Victoria

Guests and Visitors

Some distinguished visitors to Osborne follow next. These include members of Queen Victoria’s overseas friends and family who are mentioned in the journal. Also some portraits of those associated with the French royal familly of Louis Philippe. Finally, a stunning portrait of a young Alexandra, princess of Wales who would eventually become an English Queen herself much later. After the passing of Victoria in 1901.
portrait of Victorian lady, seated in profile - Madame van de Weyer
Madame van de Weyer by William Henry Mote, after Alfred Edward Chalon
portrait of 19th century French lady, Marie Adelaide d'Orleans
Louise Marie Adelaide Eugenie d'Orleans
19th century portrait, full-length of Princess Clemintine d’Orleans, long white dress
Princess Clemintine d’Orleans by Winterhalter
19th century painting shows Queen Maria Amalia d'Orleans with two children
Maria Amalia d'Orleans, Queen of the French, with her children Henry of Orleans, Duke of Aumale (b. 1822) and Antoine of Orléans, Duke of Montpensier (b. 1824)
portrait of young Danish princess, Alexandra as princess of Wales
Alexandra as princess of Wales, 1863 by Richard Lauchert