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The French - major players in the drama of Sophie Dawes

A selection of portraits of French noblemen, courtiers and politicians referred to in the novel. These appear mostly in the testament letter when Sophie details her history and spectacular life in post-revolutionary France. We begin with three generations of the Condés (Sophie's  paramour was Louis Henri).
Louis Joseph de Bourbon, Prince of Condé, in his prime.
Louis Henri de Bourbon.
Louis Henri de Bourbon, as Prince de Condé.
Louis Henri’s son the Duc d'Enghien.

Important others ....

More important men who play a part in the story during Sophie’s life in France - including no less than three kings. She did not know them all, but their influence on her life was profound. Also, her husband, the Baron de Feucheres. And Monsieur Talleyrand. All key figures.
Louis Stanislas Xavier, Comte de Provence, King Louis XVIII with the Restoration of the monarchy in 1814.
Charles X, King of France,1825.
Louis Philippe, King of the French.
Adrien Victor, Baron de Feuchères.
Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord.

Victims of revolution ...

Some other images of interest show the ill-fated Louis XVI, Queen Marie Antoinette and their son, Louis Charles, the uncrowned king Louis XVII of France and the claimant Karl Wilhelm Naundorf.
18th-century portrait of King Louis XVI of France by Antoine-Francois Callet.
Queen Marie Antoinette by Heinrich Lossow.
The Dauphin, Louis Charles, by Alexander Kucharsky, 1792.
The farmer Thomas Martin in conversation with his angel.
A comparison of a plaster bust made of the Dauphin Louis Charles (briefly Louis XVII) with a drawing of Karl Wilhelm Naundorf in later life.
A comparison between the features of Louis XVI (left) and the man who claimed to be his son, Karl Wilhelm Naundorff.