A Walk in the Bluebell Woods - with nightingale singing

17th May 2017
For wild flowers and blossom, this spring has been especially splendid, since so many varieties seem to have arrived together. The Bluebells have peaked at the same time as the Wild Garlic, along with wild Pink Campion, golden Gorse, white Hawthorne and primrose-coloured Dead-nettle. It really is quite breathtaking. So come for a stroll through the chalk downlands and bluebell woods of southern England - there’s even a surprise bird to be heard.
drift of bluebell flowers on hillside
Bluebells do like the company of other Bluebells and can take over an entire hillside.
wild flowers pinks and blues with grass
Unless, just sometimes, a few Pink Campion manage to nudge in. What a combination of colours!

Nightingale singing

There's a clump of trees on the outskirts of the wood where a Nightingale sings. With white Hawthorne, golden Gorse bushes and, of course, more Bluebells for scenery. (how did that Dandelion get in there!)
hawthorn and gorse bushes
Hawthorn and gorse bushes nearby.
Yes ... a Nightingale. They sing in the day too, as well as at night. Listen, I recorded it on my phone.
Bluebells are not averse to shade. Here they are beneath an oak tree coming into leaf.
bluebells in shade beneath oak tree coming into leaf
Into the woods. And there's a dragon coming through the trees. The white flowers at its feet are Wild Garlic. Also Bluebells and Dead Nettle (they don't sting).
fallen tree in woods looking dragon-like
Can you see the dragon's eye?
Also some primroses in the woods ...
pale yellow primrose in wooded area
A Primrose with Pink Campion behind standing tall.
hole in forest floor where creature lives
Um ... now I wonder who lives here?
red campion flowers by woodland path
Red (or pink) campion flowers.
The Campion are in charge along the path, and brighter than ever until ...
drifts of white wild garlic flowers in woodland
Heavens! Wild Garlic Everywhere! If only you could smell this blogpost!

Poetry outdoors

Altogether quie magical. And though it was daylight ... there is a poem about all this, I'm sure.
Authored by Robert Stephen Parry
Poem 'Ode to a Nightingale' by John Keats.

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