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Including architecture, paintings, book covers and portaiture.

Art and design is the most heavily populated category here on Endymion. Almost every blogpost falls into this space, one way or another. From Architecture to book covers, from classic art to bell-époque illustration - and not forgetting music - it really is what makes us tick.

Some of the most visited topics include Gothic Romanticism and Pre-Raphaelite art - with the spotlight on the writers, composers and artists of the 19th century in particular. Classic poetry, and the work of Keats and Tennyson are included, along with posts exploring how different genre have been successfully combined in the arts.
Great Balls of Fire - anniversary of an historic artwork
Victoria and Albert - newly weds in portrait
The Golden Age of Book Covers

William James Neatby - an introduction
Elizabeth I’s Sieve Portrait - allegory and meaning.
Book Cover Update - The Hours Before.
John Atkinson Grimshaw - painter of moonlight.
Remembering Arthur Hughes, the ‘quiet’ Pre-Raphaelite.
Farringford House restored - the poet Tennyson’s family home.
Wanderer in the Storm - a favourite Gothic painting.
Celebrating Midsummer - in painting and verse.
Sir Henry Raeburn - painter of ‘The Skating Minister.’
Tudors by Holbein - the treacherous court of Henry VIII.
All together now! Queen Victoria’s right royal family gathering.
All of a sudden … it’s Autumn.
Happy Birthday - Tudor Queen Elizabeth - A portrait in the making.
Victoria’s Embankment - a story of progress in 19th century art.
Historical Portraits ‘Um, made me a bit shifty-looking, haven’t you?’
Tower of London - also comes with ships.
Wishing you a Happy Christmas!
The Blind Girl, by Pre-Raphaelite artist John Everett Millais.
Trafalgar Square from cross to column, a change of place & mood.
Autumn Extracts - paintings and stories combined.
Remembering Inigo Jones - England’s Pioneering Architect.
My Favourite ‘Julia Margarets’ - Pre-Raphaelite photography.
Scarlet Poppy Fair - a flower with a history.
6th Anniversary Cover Makeover - new look to a Tudor novel.
A New Cover for Wildish - my epic Georgian-era comedy.
My Favourite Mucha - images from the Belle Epoque.
Myths, Magic and Mothering Sunday (UK).
Time - Regulator or Commander? A history.
Happy Reading for 2015! A woman reading by candlelight.
Wishing you all a Very Happy Christmas!
A Moment in Time. The Jacobite march south into England.
Painted Ladies and Melancholic Poets. The problem with old portraits.
Portrayals of Mary Tudor, Princess and Queen of England.
Elizabeth Siddal - a reminder of why we remember.
Hurrah for matt covers! And paperbacks without curl.
Isabella .. and the Pot of Basil.
Remembering Holbein - an indefinite ending.
Halloween and All Souls - Holistic or Hysterical?
New Cover for The Arrow Chest.
Various Observations on a Jolly Good Week.
An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump.
The world upside down. The Masquerade.
How will you re-connect this Christmas?
Death and the Maiden.
Avant garde? - No, actually that’s Pollock’s.
What does the mask reveal?
Apollo and the Muses of Parnassus.
New Cover Design for The Arrow Chest.
Elizabeth Siddal Remembered.
Snap! Which is the older of these two remarkably similar paintings?
A Christmas Message (and why I didn’t just use a photo).
Vox Populi - a painting, surprisingly, for Christmas.
Thoughts on an Usherette - art by Edward Hopper.
A Poem, a Microscope and what we cannot see.
Thank you Sir Kenneth Clark - civilisation on TV.
Hardwick Hall - more glass than wall!
Those naughty Pre-Raphaelites - or were they?
The Divine Mr Beardsley.
Those Dull Victorians? Well, no, not really.
Gothic Revival and the Town Halls of the North.
Caspar David Friedrich ‘Die Lebensstufen’ (1835).

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