Hurrah for matt book covers! And paperbacks without curl

28th January 2014
Announcing that from now on all my paperbacks published through Createspace will be with matt covers. These have been recently introduced by the publisher. I love them. The big difference compared to the high-gloss laminated version is that the matt cover does not curl with use. Compare the two copies of The Arrow Chest in the photo.
photo of two books, edgeways to indicate curl of covers and virtues of matt covers remaining flat
Before and after covers to the novel 'The Arrow Chest.'
The old version on the left has a laminated cover, the new one on the right a matt cover. No curl! And it looks great too. Fellow writers especially take note. The matt version is not excessively matt, but still has a pleasant semi-gloss appearance. It also reveals detail within the darker shades of the artwork far better than the glossy version.

And, of course, the paper used in Createspace paperbacks has always been excellent. The whole thing has a good feel of quality, therefore. Happy readers, and happy Authors!


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