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Gothic Romanticism is a term formed from two strands of cultural thinking. The 'Gothic' part of it is not new. Most of traditional Western culture (excluding classicism) owes its structure and principles to ideas set out in the medieval era, which was Gothic in shape and form - like, for example, the great medieval cathedrals of France and England.  But when the Gothic, after a brief fall from grace during the 18th Century, was revived in the Victorian era, it blended perfectly with the Romantic movement already sweeping Europe - along with an abundance of brilliant writers, poets, composers and artists. The result was, for a brief and glorious period, a society in which profound emotions, sensuality and magic gave shape to some of the greatest art ever produced.

The story of Endymion resonates perfectly with the landscape of Gothic Romanticism. From the paintings of Caspar David Friedrich to the Pre-Raphaelite artists of Victorian England. From the dark and mysterious worlds of Keats or Schubert to the splendid and polished decadence of Aubrey Beardsley - it really is an inexhaustible journey in the company of individuals who celebrated life at every turn and loved it to the full.
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