Video trailer to the novel WILDISH

A sparkling Georgian-period comedy

I had great fun creating the video trailer to my 18th century novel Wildish, not least because it provided a good excuse to use one of my favourite pieces of music, La Réjouissance (The Rejoicing) from Handel’s music for Royal Fireworks. It was written in the year 1749 and was performed outdoors in London’s Green Park in April of that year, accompanied by a firework display that did not, alas, go entirely according to plan. The music, though, was an enormous success and remains as celebrated today as ever. The visuals to the video, meanwhile, come from a pastiche of works by Georgian artists such as the Thomas Gainsborough and others, plus a little bit of my own original artwork.
A special page of reading notes to accompany this novel
(Warning: contains spoilers)
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