Who's Who in the Holbein Video?

This page contains thumbnail images of all the sketches incorporated in the Holbein video. For an eplanation of how the video came about, and for a brief biography of Holbein himself, return to the original blogpost here.
Unidentified man, possibly John Dudley
Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey
Catherine, Baroness Willoughby
Margaret à Barrow, Lady Elyot
William Parr, Marquess of Northampton
Possibly Amalia of Cleves
James Butler, Earl of Ormond
small sketch of Tudor lady
Lady Mary Guildford
Possibly Anne Boleyn
Possibly Sir Ralph Sadler
Mary Brandon, Baroness Monteagle
Sir Nicholas Carew
John More
Lady Grace Parker
John Russell, Earl of Bedford
Unidentified woman
Unknown woman
Unknown woman
Sir Richard Southwell
Nicholas Poyntz
Cicely Heron
Edward, Prince of Wales
George Brooke, Baron Cobham
Edward Clinton, Earl of Lincoln
Elizabeth, Lady Hoby
Anne Cresacre
Frances, Countess of Surrey
Sir Thomas Vaux (reversed image)
Edward Stanley, Earl of Derby
William Warham, Archbishop of Canterbury
Margaret, Marchioness of Dorset
Unidentified woman
George Carew
William Fitz William, Earl of Southampton
Henry Howard (2)
Unknown woman
Sir Charles Wingfield
Sir Thomas Lestrange
King Henry VIII
Unidentified woman
Possibly Catherine Howard
Queen Jane Seymour
Mary, Duchess of Richmond
Sir Thomas More
Mary, Lady Heveningham
Mary Zouch
Sir Thomas Wentworth
John Fisher, Bishop of Rochester
Unknown man
Sir William Sharington
Sir Thomas Elyot
Joan Meutas
Unknown man
Possibly Anne Boleyn
Sir Thomas Wyatt
John Poyntz
Sir Thomas Parry
Possibly Lady Jane Lister
Lady Elizabeth Vaux
Possibly Mary Arundell, Lady Ratcliffe
William Reskimer
Sir Henry Guildford

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