Working Space - a glimpse through the keyhole

22nd July 2013
I'm taking it easy for a while in this heat (very hot currently in the UK) and plotting my next book. I often work in the garden during the summer months. And it is really a no-brainer most of the time which to choose, indoors or out. Anyway, it got me thinking - perhaps I might do a blogpost all about my work space, beginning with a look through the keyhole at my office.


Here is my desk - and no, I didn't tidy it up just for the camera, though the rest of the office is a little less pristine. I won't show you that bit.
interior, desk and computer with potted plants
Through the keyhole - Rob's office and working space
People are sometimes surprised, but my indoor working space is quite minimalist and plain. And tidy! It is important for me to be completely free of distractions. Here, you can see my mainframe computer which I use for editing and design - and of course for blogging, research and chatting with you - all my chums online. And then there is my Thinkpad laptop that I do most of my creative writing on (first and second drafts, and so on). Otherwise, as you can see, the furniture is all very modern and easy to keep clean.

The only concession to ornamentation or 'oldiness' is my Grandfather's 1925 English dictionary. Oh, and also an Edwardian memento mori, a little piece of sculptured metal depicting a chimpanzee seated on a pile of books.
cup of tea and dictionary, with small monkey sculpture
Memento mori and a nice cuppa!
The chimp is holding a human skull and, Hamlet-like, seems deep in thought. Whenever I start getting too precious about success or failure in my writing (or about anything, in fact) I take a look at this little fellow. It puts everything back into perspective.

The Great Outdoors

My 'outdoor office' is far more lively, surrounded by butterflies and bees in the summer and, of course, the occasional visit from my Tweeter in Chief, A.Robin and his friends. I am a keen gardener. And I just love being outside - so when the really warm weather strikes (which I am not terribly fond of in excess) that's where I head to. My outdoor working space.
bench and table outdoors in shade
Outdoor office the other day. Lots of lovely cool shade - important for working, too.
You can see the small, portable wooden picnic table that I have had for many years now - and which I can just get my knees under. It's just the right size for supporting the Thinkpad - and ideal, therefore, for lengthy sessions (even the lightest of laptops can be a bit much after thirty minutes or so perched on top of one's vitals).

Anyway, that's it for now. Time to get back to work ...
shady scene of man seated, typing on laptop
Authored by Robert Stephen Parry

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