A video showing the passage of time

One of the most popular videos on my YouTube Channel, this brief compilation of portraits of Elizabethan Courtier Robert Dudley (1532-1588), reveals very clearly (and honestly) the march of time from youth to old age.

Dudley, who lived from 1532/33 to 1588,
rose to became Earl of Leicester. As well as being a steadfast and intimate companion to the Queen, he was also a controversial figure, arousing jealousy and admiration in equal measure. He appears as a character in the novels 'Virgin and the Crab' and in the fictional memoir 'Elizabeth the Virgin Queen and the Men who Loved Her.'

The music on the video is by Henry Purcell from the opera 'The Fairy Queen.'
cover to novel showing Elizabeth Tudor as young woman in bonnet
book cover shows portrait of Elizabeth 1st in tunic and ruff