The Garden in November – a place of colour and surprise

14th November 2013
How wonderful - and it never ceases to amaze me - how much colour and general loveliness there is in to a garden in November. The English garden, even at this time of the year, can be an adventure and a delight. It is true, and every gardener knows it, that if a plant is 'happy' where it is then it will put on an extra-special show and even surprise us at unusual times.
ground cover plant with red berries, cotoneaster
Cotoneaster - emergency food for wildlife.

Autumn colour

Here, above, are some cotoneaster bushes, full of red berries. Wonderful autumn colour. Fruits and berries also serve as 'emergency' feed for birds and other wildlife. They say that a plethora of these indicates a harsh winter on the way. We shall see.
Autumn is always a great time for Chrysanthemums, and they are fabulous when all those russets and yellow colours merge together. Right now we have mostly yellow to brighten up the garden in November. And what a great job they do! Great for those who like indoor arrangements, too.
yellow flowers, chrysanthemums
Umm .. Chrysanthemums.
yellow bunches flowers against green background
... and more.

Garden in November - Surprises

And there are always nice surprises. Look - peeping out from a pruned lavender bush, hiding away, a Kafir Lily. Such an unusual colour. And far tougher in the wind than you'd expect from such a delicate appearance.
flower, almost hidden, soft scarlet kaffir lilies amid green foliage
Look at me - I've been here all the while!
"... there are other kinds of gardens, are there not - rough-hewn from the land, places of informality and where a sufferance for disorder produces all manner of surprises - where random appearances of colour can spring up and combine unexpectedly from season to season in endless patterns of spontaneous delight."

From the novel WILDISH

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