New book - Queen Victoria and the Men who Loved Her

5th May 2019
Very pleased to announce today a new book for you, due to make its appearance in a little under three weeks. Here it is ...

The Bicentenary of Victoria's birth

For a while now, I have been working on two separate projects: an Elizabethan comedy, and this one - which has been kept by for a very special anniversary coming up on 24th May this year. This is to be the 200th birthday of the great lady herself, Queen Victoria: her bicentenary.

At 200 pages in paperback and sub-titled 'Recollections of a Journey,' it's a light-hearted look at Victoria's life and of the gentlemen who in one way or another admired or loved her. In keeping with the formula of an earlier book 'Elizabeth - the Virgin Queen and the Men who Loved Her' most of the chapters combine biographical information with a fictional vignette or short story. And there are two additional chapters on the fabulous Victorian Gothic culture that flourished at the time.
composite image of numerous Victorian people, including queen
Yes, they're all in it ... somewhere!

Available for pre-order

A slightly new departure: for the first time, the eBook is available for pre-order on amazon. This is not because I am necessarily anticipating a hoard of implacable readers who cannot contain themselves until the 24th, but just because it might capture some of the general 'buzz' leading up to the celebrations. The paperback, meanwhile (and behaving itself with far greater decorum), will wait patiently and become available from the 24th May: the official publication date.
There will be one or two further blogposts here on Endymion during the lead-up to the big day. And if you would like to tell people about it or give it a mention on social media I really would be most grateful. Most of all I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed researching and writing it. It really has been quite a journey.
Recollections of a Journey
Authored by Robert Stephen Parry

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